Friday, November 13, 2009

What have I learned through the SLP?

From the Service Learning Project(SLP), I have learned that I am a much stronger person that I thought. I know now that I am capable of doing something for someone else. I have the ability to ask for opinions, help and ask questions. I also know that people are willing to help me when I ask for help. It is easy to sit back and do nothing but it is more of a challenge to take a stand and do something for another.

The picture of my community is pretty much the same but now I know that there are people willing to help you in whatever you decide to do. I think that is absolutely amazing. The fact that someone you do not even know is willing to help someone else. I am proud to be helping someone who needs it. Imagine what we could do if everyone helped out a little bit more.

My SLP is going decently. I have 2 flyers that are done and a third that I am working on. I have not started the Power point for the presentation yet but I am going to work on that in class tonight with our substitute. Hopefully I can get most of it done tonight so before class next week I can finish it and post it to Blckboard so it can be Peer Reviewed.

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