Thursday, October 22, 2009

Service Learning

My initial understanding of service learning goes like this: Service learning is basically volunteering to do a task that someone possibly does not want to do or just might not have the resources available to do it. So an individual steps in to offer a helping hand. Along the way this individual actually learns something and gains a greater respect for the organization that they volunteered with. It is a win/win situation. Another thing about service learning is that it helps to spotlight a person's abilities. You never can tell what a person is capable of unless you give them a little freedom but also a bit of stucture.

The only concern that I have currently about doing this Service Learning Project is that 1) I will not be able to find any organization to help
2) They will want me to do something and I will be lost

Some solutions might be to search high and low for an organization and as for my second concern I will ask for help from my organization so they can give me feedback on what they need.

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