Thursday, October 15, 2009

PLCR Strategies I will employ

First of all my current career does not match up with what I ultimately what to do, which is to own a restaurant. But since that is in the future, I will concentrate on my current job. I know that one thing I need to do is communicate more efficiently. I have a habit of saying things that I should not. I call it footinmouthitis. Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't have made a better gymnast with how many times a day I put that foot in my mouth. So a strategy to "cure" that is to step back and think before I speak.

I also believe that I need to learn to have a more positive attitude. I walk into work expecting the worst. Sometimes that helps me but other times it hinders me. For instance the other night I was so not into working and a co-worker asked, "How many boxes do you think you'll get? I answered, "I hope I can get five." As the night wore on I realized that I could get six (which is what I got). If I could just have that positive attitude ALL THE TIME I think it would carry me far in life.

When it comes to culture, it is relaxed at my job but maybe we need to be a bit more strict. For instance, when it comes to trimming the parts, no one trims them the same way even though we have trim samples. Currently that is a problem because we have a prototype part that has to be done the same way by all of the shifts. Trying to get everyone to do it the same way has been a challenge to say the least.

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