Friday, September 25, 2009

My Online Reputation

By reading through "Managing Your Online Identity" I realize that I have to have a stronger online identity. I want to brand my myself in a positve light and not negitively. There are certain things that I have to be aware of like, what I post on my MySpace page and what I say on my page. There are always things that could come back to haunt me later down the line. I also want to be sure not to say anything about other people that I know that do not want their business out on the internet. I mainly think that it is about common respect.
When it comes to my visual identity, I want to present myself in a professional and appropriate manner. I do not want some party animal picture being posted on the internet for prospective employers to see. I want them to have a professional image to look at and maybe that image will give employers the right representation of what I am about.

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